Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bath & Body Works Review: Be Enchanted

Bath & Body Works Be Enchanted Body Cream

Bath & Body Works Review: Be Enchanted is berries for sure...
Fragrance Notes: Frosted Florals, Sparkling Sugared Pomegranate

On cold sniff, I get berries for sure, but I can't make out what berries/fruit I am smelling. It smells very pretty, looks pretty and softens my hands & elbows. I bought a few B&BW body creams and this was one of my favorites. It's a keeper! This is a nice blend, if a little sweet. There is a citrus-tinged floral here that keeps this from just being sweet & fruity. Something warm and feminine but unfortunately B&BW were extremely vague on the actual fragrance notes. What is the "sparkling sugared" part of the pomegranate? What kind of flowers are the "frosted petals?" I can only guess. I would like to know more so I can find more scents like this in the future. Especially since this is listed online as a "retired fragrance", so it could go away at any minute. That would be a shame because I like this. I don't have a lot of fragrances that run this sweet & don't give me a headache. Brittany Spears' Fantasy comes to mind. This is that without the cotton candy/vanilla notes.
If you like sweet berries w/ a lighter, citrus-leaning mystery floral, you will like this. A++

Fragrance    A+
Cream      A

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