Thursday, October 31, 2019

Goose Creek Review: Peanut Butter Sugar

My Review for:   Goose Creek- Peanut Butter Sugar

Yankee Description: "Enjoy the authentic aroma of a tasty vanilla-dipped waffle cone filled to the brim with rich peanut butter ice cream with the premium Peanut Butter Sugar candle."
Fragrance Notes: 
Top:   Fluffy Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Blend
Mid:   Vanilla Bean, Warm Butter
Base: Vanilla Dipped Waffle Cone

Quite Authentic...

  • I hadn't read what the notes were to this candle, until AFTER I wrote my review. I don't want to spoil anything, but my search for the perfect Peanut Butter candle continues. That doesn't mean I'm not going to burn this candle. I've found a lot names (and notes) don't fit the fragrance. Though it lacks Peanut Butter, the scent is delightfully sweet & surprisingly versatile.

  • Cold Sniff: It's sweet & almost smokey. As mentioned before, I don't get any peanut, just a buttery, marshmallow-like scent. I expected sugar & this did not disappoint. The smoky marshmallow blends in well. This is what I imagine Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Fireside to smell like. It's richer than Bedtime Stories because of the warm butter note. I don't have much else to compare it to besides Butter Cookie, and I've been saving that one. I haven't burned it yet.

  • Upon burning, the smokey note turns into a toasted one. Beside the buttered, sugary maarshmallow sweetness, there is an extra that keeps this scent from getting sickeningly sweet. I pick up almost a waffle cone & vanilla warmness that only comes out upon burning. The throw fills my living room, and drifts into the hallway. Peanut Butter Sugar has depth & a lot of possibilities. I plan to keep burning it on it's own, as well as mixing it w/ my B&BW Hot Fudge Sundae candle. I think I'll get a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Wafflecone, and I'm SO ready for that!

    -Fragrance:  9/10   (misleading name. loses a point)
    -Throw:        8/10   (perfect for my mid sized living room!)
    -Overall:       B+

    I'd buy it again.

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    💗The Candle Queen

    The Candle Queen

    Thursday, June 13, 2019

    Village Candles RETIRING Scented Candles 2019

      VILLAGE CANDLE Retiring Scents 2019
    • African Safari - (South African plains inspired w/ cedarwood, citrus, frankincense & musk)
    • Amber Woods - (serenity of an autumn stroll w/ amber, bergamot, oud wood & patchouli)
    • Apples & Cinnamon - (deliciously warm & irresistible apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar)
    • Autumn Colors - (orange blossom, crisp pear, mint, sage leaves)
    • Autumn Comfort - (warmth of the harvest season w/ pumpkin, nutmeg, sandalwood, maple)
    • Beach Party - (a summery beach scent w/ orange blossoms & white musk)
    •  Caramel Kettle Corn
    •  Christmas on the Beach - (pineapple, sweet coconut milk, apple, holly & evergreen)
    • Citrus and Sage - (openness & new beginnings w/ fresh sage, citrus & hint of lavender)
    • Cranberry Grapefruit - (make a juicy spark  w/  tangy cranberry & tropical grapefruit)
    • Dahlia - (a daily dose of cheer starts with dahlia, jasmine, honeysuckle & lilac)
    •  Eternal - (a sensual & masculine mix of patchouli, sage, vanilla, watery essence)
    •  Fall Fun - (crisp air & an afternoon sunset w/ fallen leaves, fresh air & pine needles)
    •  Festive Cranberry - (compliment your holiday toast w/ cinnamon, nutmeg & tart cranberry)
    • Fields of Clover (be awakened by a soft summer breeze of citrus, clover & sweet pea)
    • First Frost - (dream of winter with notes of citron, lemon leaves, sugar cane & jasmine)
    •  Frozen Margarita - (a refreshing, intoxicating blend of lime zest, citrus, tequila & sea salt)
    • Fun in the Sun - (freedom & fun of a long day at the beach w/ orange flower & white musk)
    • Gingerbread House - (holiday delight w/ brown sugar, festive ginger & orange zest)
    • Hard Cider - (a classic beverage w/ the surprising twist of tart apple, clove & vanilla)
    • Ice Castle - (brisk as a winter wonderland w/ balsam, citrus, fresh air & lily)
    •  Jingle Bells - (holiday scent of lemon sugar, persimmon, pomander, clove & cinnamon)
    • Lemon Pistachio - (a decadent mixture of chopped pistachios, lemon & mandarin zest)
    • Lily of the Valley - (delicate, dreamy experiences of lily of the valley, rose & sweet pea)
    • Patchouli Peppercorn - (go back in time w/ patchouli, cedarwood & peppercorn)
    • Peppermint Stick - (classic sugary smell of peppermint, vanilla sugar & warm honey)
    • Raspberry Rose Tea - (every tea lover's mix of loose leaf raspberry tea, herbs & musk)
    • Village Candle Rio Carnival - (an ocean-side carnival of sea spray, lily, rose & sandalwood)
    • Village Candle Smoked Birch -
    • Village Candle Soft Linen
    • Village Candle Tea Time
    • Village Candle Wild Rose
    • Village Candle Winter Wonderland
    -Get em' before they're gone! My sources say, MAY is the time to buy what's left in bulk.

    * This list was compiled by Best of Candles

    *** I will be adding links & descriptions as time permits. Please check back!

    Until next time,

    Yankee Candle retiring scents 2019

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    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    Yankee Candle Review: LILAC BLOSSOMS

    My Review for:   Yankee Candle- Lilac Blossoms

    Yankee Description: "An alluring grove of lavender, white and deep purple lilacs."
    Fragrance Notes: 
    Top:   Dewy Greens, Water Lily, Bergamot
    Mid:   Lilac Petals, Hyacinth, Tulip Bulbs
    Base: Cedarleaf, Vetiver, Moss

    Quite Authentic...

    • I grew up with a lilac bush right outside my front door. To me, Lilac's represent growing up in the country, getting ready for sunshine and warmer days.The one thing that's unfortunate about lilacs: the bees. They used to swarm all over our lilac bush, and would sometimes make their way into the house. Not fun. I'm hoping, with this candle, I'll get all of the lilac's beautiful smell, without fear of getting stung.
    lilacs and bees
    • This is a sweet floral w/ a hint of earthy green in the base notes. There are many more flowers that make up this fragrance, but the lilac is the dominant note.On cold sniff, I can't smell Lily, Hyacinth or Tulips. I think they add body to the fragrance without overpowering the Lilac. I can smell the candle just from taking the lid off the jar. It's heavenly. Lets see what happens when I Light It Up.

    •  An authentic lilac fragrance has to smell like the bushes AND the blossoms themselves, otherwise I think of old lady perfume. Thankfully, this candle doesn't go old lady at all due to the dewy green top notes. They are very subtle and mostly blend with the floral notes, toning down the sweetness. I pick up on the earthy moss, and not so much the Bergamot, Cedarleaf & Vetiver, which tend to lean masculine. All together, these notes balance each other perfectly. They add a freshness that REALLY makes this candle smell like lilac! 
    • The smell travels well. I'd rate the throw around a 7 for a medium sized room. It won't overpower those with sensitivities to floral notes. Though I rate the throw at a 7, my boyfriend has trouble smelling this candle. He knows there is a candle burning, and he can smell something, he just can't smell the lilac. So the fragrance itself is on the lighter side, which is a good thing when it has so many floral-heavy mid notes.
    • I think Yankee Candle's Lilac Blossoms smells amazing on it's own, but I suppose you could mix it with other florals. I'd stick with the floral notes listed to avoid clashing with or drowning out the sweet, soft lilac. This candle is perfect for what I wanted, and I will be reordering when it's all gone. This is one of the first Yankee Candles, I know for a fact, I want on-hand at all times. This will be a floral go-to for me. I would recommend it to anyone & everyone who appreciates the smell of fresh, green, flowering lilac bushes.

      -Fragrance:  10/10   
      -Throw:        7/10   
      -Overall:       A

      Until Next Time, my Illuminating Subjects!

      💗The Candle Queen

      The Candle Queen