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Yankee Candle retiring scents 2019

                       YANKEE CANDLE Retiring Scents 2019 (USA)

  •  April Showers - (bright lemon softened w/ vanilla, clean & fresh as an april shower)
  • Autumn Bouquet - (bold fall scents, late blooms, cinnamon w/ a dash of  patchouli)
  • Autumn Gathering - (fading sun & crisp days: harvest fruit, patchouli & sandalwood)
  • Bahama Breeze  - (summer of tropical blends, pineapple, grapefruit & mango)
  • Bakery Air
  • Beach Wood
  • Black Coconut  - (sunset in paradise: coconut, cedarwood & island blossom)
  • Black Sand Beach - (black volcanic sand- black orchid, jasmine & patchouli) 
  • Blue Summer Sky - (heavenly summer days w/ berries & a floral amber base)
  • Campfire Treat
  • Caramel Apple Cake - (caramel & vanilla frosting for apple cake w/ crunchy nuts)
  • Cherry Blossom - (an armful of spring's freshest blooms that makes everyone happy)
  • Christmas Thyme - (thyme & lemongrass mingle w/ heady sandalwood & musk)
  • Christmas Wreath - (fresh-cut boughs & branches of pine, balsam & hollyberry)
  • Coconut Vanilla Bean - (fruit, pure coconut, vanilla & musk: the ultimate island treat)
  • Coconut Bay
  • Color Me Happy - (mango & tropical sunlight, sweetened w/ peach & a bit of vanilla)
  • Crisp Morning Air
  • Dreamy Summer Nights - (relaxing vanilla bean, heliotrope & a hint of woodiness)
  • Flowers In The Sun - (garden walk w/ citrus & the sweet scent of apple blossoms)
  • French Countryside 
  • French Vanilla - (the source of vanilla bean fragrance oil extracted from tropical orchids)
  • Fresh Cut Roses - (an english garden of fragrant heirloom roses & soft powder)
  • Gingerbread Maple - (baking spices, vanilla, nutmeg & clove w/ a touch of maple)
  • Golden Sands - (soft soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower & tonka beans)
  • Granny Smith
  • Guava Coconut Fusion - (tropical blend of tangy grapefruit w/ sweet mango & coconut)
  • Hibiscus Water
  • Honey Blossom
  • Honey Lavender Gelato - (lavender & vanilla topped w/ blackberry & honey)
  • Island Spa
  • Island Waterfall - (cooling mist of  ozone tropical waters, tinged w/ freesia & waterlily)
  • Juicy Grapefruit - (fresh cut pink grapefruit, a sprinkle of sugar & garden-fresh mint)
  • Juicy Peach
  • Juicy Watermelon - (ultimate summer refresher: the sweet, cool scent of  watermelon)
  • Lemon Pound Cake
  • Lavender - (sage & powder lavender bundled w/ heather: soothing & luxurious)
  • Lavender Vanilla - (mix of fresh lavender, vanilla, & musk, jasmine & bergamot) 
  • Life’s A Breeze - (breeze on a cloudless day: bergamot, lavender, oakmoss, patchouli)
  • Line-Dried Cotton - (clean laundered fragrance: mandarin dewiness & waterlily floral)
  • Maple Pancakes
  • Market Blossoms
  • Meadow Showers - (airy fresh raindrops & eucalyptus w/ blades of green grass notes)
  • Meyer Lemon
  • Midnight Jasmine - (water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli & mandarin blossom)
  • Ocean Star - (peaceful, sun-kissed waters laced with aloe, citrus & lotus blossom)
  • Over The River
  • Passion Fruit Martini - (tropical mix of pineapple, passion fruit, mango & zesty orange)
  • Patchouli - 
  • Peach and Lavender
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Peaches & Cream - (a wonderful swirl of thick, sweet cream, oranges & juicy peach)
  • Picnic in The Park
  • Pink Peony - (A full-flowered scent of spring's most luscious bloom, peony & musk)
  • Pumpkin Pie - (sweet pumpkin, nutmeg, molasses, cinnamon apples in a buttery crust)
  • Rainbow Cookie
  • Red Berry and Cedar
  • Red Raspberry - (tangy sweet orange & delicious ripe raspberries  & blackberries)
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Soft Blanket - (a lullaby: clean citrus, luxurious blackberries, vanilla & warm amber)
  • Spiced White Cocoa - (cocoa topped w/ whipped cream, butterscotch & nutmeg)
  • Spiced Pepperberry and Spruce
  • Sugared Apple
  • Summer Scoop - (sweet strawberries buried in rich whipped cream & cotton candy)
  • Summer Storm - (subtle freshness of  rosemary & eucalyptus w/ a hint of patchouli)
  • Summer Wish - (soft flowers, berries & fresh green fields : innocence of childhood)
  • Sunset Breeze - ( tropical fruits moving on the breeze, back and forth just like the surf)
  • Sunset Fields - (last bit of summer, w/ sunflowers, black peppercorn & airy musk)
  • Sweet Fig and Pomegranate
  • Sweet Nothings - (warm, soft, sweet vanilla, lotus blossom & a powdery musk)
  • Tahitian Nights - (dusk is at its most romantic: sea salt, driftwood & a touch of lavender)
  • Turquoise Sky - (calm, salty air, white lily & freesia w/ hints of sea grass & musk)
  • Vanilla Bourbon - (mug of cider topped w/ vanilla cream & a dash of strong bourbon)
  • Vanilla Lime - (creamy vanilla w/ cocoa, sweet cane sugar & a zesty lime twist)
  • White Gardenia - (The beauty of lush white gardenias & flowers in full bloom)

-Get em' before they're gone! My sources say, MAY is the time to buy what's left in bulk.

* This list was compiled by Best of Candles

*** I will be adding links & descriptions as time permits. Please check back!

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Yankee Candle retiring scents 2019

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January 29th, 2019


                           CANDLE THOUGHTS#1

 I wanted to write this while it was  still fresh on my mind....

blonde woman wearing glasses

I get mad a lot. It's not your everyday mad either. We affectionately call it, "Hurricane H******", and you don't want to be in her path when she starts blowing. Mike and I recently had a rather passionate discussion about Hurricane H******. I was telling him that Hurricane H****** is definitely a force of nature, but he's lucky he has never met Tornado H******. 
She is TERRIFYING because you get no warning. She comes out of nowhere and destroys everything in the vicinity, tearing it all to pieces, until there is only tattered remains. Sometimes, there's nothing left. Then, as quickly as she came, she retreats back into the sky from where she came, like nothing happened. Mike thought Tornado H****** wasn't as bad as Hurricane H******, but he was dead wrong. I know because I've seen her. I LIVED her.

This then lead to the question, which is more deadly, a hurricane or a tornado?
Well, of course we had to Google this, and we couldn't really come to an agreement. It's true, Hurricanes have killed more people, but they last much longer than tornadoes. Hurricanes bring floods... But I would still rather have a hurricane coming at me, than a tornado. I've always been terrified of tornadoes. I think this is why they've always fascinated me. I couldn't learn enough about them, I've watched Twister more times than I care to admit. I had a book all about them, with a menacing looking black F3 in the front cover. I read the whole thing, but became so scared, I couldn't even look at the book cover anymore. It gave me nightmares. I hid it under my parents bed and forgot about it, until we moved and we found it, many years later.

What in the world does this have to do with candles, you ask?

From time to time, I'm going to blog about some random thoughts, while burning one of my candles, I find this to be quite therapeutic, though I question if anyone will ever read this... Regardless, these are thoughts I have to put somewhere, so why not my blog?

I'm currently burning my wonderful Tranquil Mist, my most trustworthy candle. I picked it MOSTLY because of the Tranquil part. Aromatherapy is a real thing. It's nice to breathe in the light & musky floral scent, while my dog Scout cuddles up next to me. The anger dissipates and I become lighter and lighter as it fades away. Much like a hurricane. :-)

Even after Hurricane H****** happened, Mike came home with McDonald's. I noticed the bag was a bit heavy for just a Fish Filet. Lo and Behold, under my sandwich was a beautiful little pink candle! Not just any candle, it was a Yankee Candle that smells like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher.

Is it any wonder why I love this man? <3

Until next time,

The Candle Queen <3

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pillsbury: Blueberry Pie

My Review for:   Pillsbury- Blueberry Pie Scented Candle

Size: 3 oz. Jar

 Description: Nothing feels more like home than this Pillsbury Blueberry Pie Scented Candle. Each candle comes in a 3-oz. glass jar. Relax at home and enjoy the comfort of this scent for hours as you reminisce about your childhood and grandma's delicious cooking.

                                            Fragrance Notes: 
                                        Top: ??
                                        Mid: ??
                                        Base: ??

                         American Greetings + Pillsbury = This Candle.

I didn't have a ton of hope for this candle for two reasons, one: it was of poor quality, as my boyfriend bought it at the dollar store, and two: it was too small sized and wouldn't give off enough scent. I was wrong on both accounts. I learned, when it comes to candles, one should never assume ANYTHING. It's all in the authenticity of the fragrance and the potency of the throw. Brand, size, where you bought it... it really doesn't matter.

Mike bought this candle for me at The Dollar Tree. He bought me another one too, but THAT one was pretty much what I expected I would get from a dollar store. I was pleasantly surprised by Pillsbury's pleasant, simple & sweet Blueberry fragrance on cold sniff. It wasn't super powerful, nor complicated. I didn't pick up any bakery notes. What it smelled like was Blueberry Muffin, one of my vintage (80's) Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I always thought she was one of the best smelling ones, so I was thrilled to find a candle that smelled like she did.

As you can see from the packaging, the presentation was very nice. It came in a cute little cardboard box, easy to recycle. The candle itself is a pretty medium blue shade, very appropriate for it's name. Upon first lighting, I tried it in my living room and I could smell it within a 10 foot radius, but I couldn't pick up any bakery notes. Though expected, it was disappointing because the overall fragrance was lovely.  When lit, it becomes stronger and some of the more subtle bakery notes come out. I didn't detect vanilla or any spices you might add to a pie, which was fine with me because they might have taken over this little guy, like spice notes tend to do. 

 Because the throw was somewhat faint, I wasn't sure how well it would perform in my bedroom. It took about half hour for the wax to start pooling, then it filled up my bedroom perfectly. It wasn't strong enough to carry out into the hallway, but I could smell it just fine, even without the door closed. I definitely recommend this candle for smaller rooms, closets, bathrooms etc. The throw's exceptional for the size of the candle. I've lit it three times now and there is still another two or three goes left. Pillsbury said it would burn for 10 hours, which seems like a great deal for a 1$ candle. Though the wax pools fast, the candle itself burned nice, slow and even. 

I will be sad when I reach the end of it's candle-life, but I can order a 12 pack from the Dollar Tree website, if I can't find anymore singles on my next trip. I might do that because I enjoyed this scent immensely. I didn't think I'd like smelling Blueberry as much as I apparently do. It makes me happy and I look forward to finding other candles with Blueberry notes in the future. 

-Fragrance:    9/10  (not enough pie notes detected)
-Throw:          5/10  (medium room)   8/10  (smaller room)
-Overall:         B     (medium room)     B+   (smaller room)

Until Next Time,

The Candle Queen <3

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Yankee Candle: TRANQUIL MIST

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- TRANQUIL MIST

Size:  14.5 oz. Medium Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Description: A cool, calming blend of fresh air, clean cotton, supple cashmere, and white musk.

                                            Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top: Fresh Air, Rose Water, Lavender
                                        Mid: Cashmere Accord, Clean Cotton
                                        Base: White Musk, Sandalwood 

Aunt Janice, is that you?

Based on the Clean Cotton and Sandalwood fragrance notes, I liked the idea of this scent. The name is also enticing. Anything with "Tranquil" in it reminds me of Serenity Now. I have pretty bad anxiety sometimes, and though I would like to meditate and use mindfulness more, scented candles are a nice substitution. Just light and breathe in the relaxation. I received this particular candle as a Christmas gift. Though the person who gave me this doesn't know me very well, she happened to pick a scent I already had on my Yankee Candle Wishlist! I love it when things work out like that. I was QUITE excited to smell my new candle.

Whoa...My first impression was, "this is a bathroom kind of scent". I was a little taken back by the powerful floral and almost baby powder like aroma I got on cold sniff. I smelled the lavender and the rose water first and foremost. I really wasn't sure if I was going to like this. I was pretty sure this was way too powdery for me. I like floral, but I could do without any sort of powdery essence.

Upon lighting this candle, the scent became a lot less bathroom-y. It smelled much more living-room friendly than I thought it would be When lit, the scent becomes a softer and comforting floral composition. The Sandalwood comes through and the musk is minimal. The powdery note I was so apprehensive about was a non-issue while this candle is lit. This particular scent reminds me of my Aunt Janice. She's such a sweet, loving, bubbly woman, and this pretty, soft and comforting purple candle is HER in a jar! That's what won me over the most. I don't know if the actual notes were the same as whatever perfume she used to wear, but the essence of this candle IS My Aunt Janice. My Aunt is the type of person who loved to have the family over for various holidays. She was a first grade teacher, greatly admired by her students. She was everyone's "favorite teacher". She, and Uncle John, moved to North Carolina a few years ago. The last time I saw her was at my Grandfather's funeral in 2012.

When this candle is lit, I'm a little girl, going through the Teddy Bear Book upstairs in the guest room, with my Aunt.

It's funny because I originally thought this would be a candle I wouldn't light very often, if EVER, in my living room. It turns out, this is the candle I bring out the most. Sadly, this is also the smallest of my Yankee Candles, and there are only a few burns left in her. It's been two weeks, and I've been burning her every other day for a few hours. The throw for this medium sized jar is AMAZING! It's one of the strongest throws in my current candle collection and easily fills my living room and hallway. It can even be smelled halfway up my stairs. That's a powerful little candle. If you like florals with a sandalwood base and a touch of musk, you should give this candle a try, or sniff. Just remember, it's one of those scents that transforms when lit.

-Fragrance: 8/10     ( i just can't give this a 10 due to slight powder smell)
-Throw: 10/10         (
the best of the best!)
-Overall: A

Until Next Time,

💗The Candle Queen

Monday, January 14, 2019



My Review for:   Yankee CandleLUSCIOUS PUMPKIN TRIFLE

Size:  22 oz.  Double Wick Tumbler

Yankee Candle Description: A mouthwatering temptation of vanilla cake, cinnamon, sweet cream and pumpkin.

                                           Official Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top:    Cinnamon, Cream
                                        Mid:   Clove, Pumpkin
                                        Base:   Vanilla Cake, Brown Sugar

So.....where's the Pumpkin?
 First off, I LOVE Pumpkin! I love pumpkin so much, I named my cat Pumpkin. She is THE love of my life. She loves candles too, but she isn't very careful around them. Poor girl singed her tail while I was burning this candle.
Upon cold sniff, I picked up vanilla, buttercream/sweet cream, and a powdered sugar/frosting sent. It smells delicious but.... where's the pumpkin? I thought maybe I would be able to smell it when it was burning, but I really couldn't pick up anything pumpkin related. This particular candle has a subtle sweetness that could get lost in larger rooms. If you want the delicious, full experience, I recommend lighting this in a smaller room. It was hard to smell in my living room, which is much more open than my bedroom. While burning it in my bedroom I could smell it throughout the whole entire room. This candle is perfect for that. I picked up the scent of cake browning in the oven, and bakery notes: burnt sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, buttercream, and melted butter. If you like sweet scents, or food food-related bakery scents, you will like this. I tried to find the pumpkin ANYWHERE in the notes while burning. and the only thing that might resemble pumpkin, was a slightly acrid smell buried underneath everything else. Maybe it's the suble hint of pumpkin, or maybe it's the burnt sugar. I was really looking forward to smelling the pumpkin, so I'm taking off points for lack of discernible pumpkin scent and the subtlety of the throw. 

-Fragrance: 7.5/10    (needs MORE PUMPKIN!)
-Throw: 7/10       
(will easily fill a medium or smaller room)
Overall: B-     (the name is misleading. it should be like warm vanilla pound cake)

Until Next Time,

💗The Candle Queen

Saturday, January 12, 2019


My Review for:   Yankee CandleRED APPLE WREATH

Size:  22 oz. Double Wick Tumbler

Yankee Candle Description: A happy holiday homecoming with the festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple. 

                                                      Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top: Golden Apples, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove 
                                        Mid: Apple Peel, Cracked Walnuts, Brown Sugar
                                        Base: Amber, Melted Butter, Maple Syrup, Vanilla

My Boyfriend Loves this scent!
I used to visit Yankee Candle all the time, when I loved closer to their shop in Downtown Burlington. As stated in my last post, I saw a really good deal (5/55$) on large candles, so I took them up on it. Out of the 5 candles I bought, this is the one my boyfriend liked the most. I had planned on giving one or two away as Christmas gifts. This was one my boyfriend INSISTED we keep. I have to admit, I am NOT the biggest fan of Apple-Cinnamon scents. I find them to be a bit overplayed and boring. Red Apple Wreath is primarily an Apple Cinnamon fragrance, but it isn't generic. People talk about the "warmth" element they feel when they burn this candle. There is a vanilla & nutmeg under-layer to the dominant apple-cinnamon notes that takes this away from being a Glade-plug in scent. It is definitely a warm & cozy apple. Not crisp and fresh. It's the type of spiced apple, warm from the oven, ready to be made into a pastry. The throw is excellent, as it fills the largest room in my house with it's soft sweet smell. It's the type of smell that permeates but doesn't dominate. It's always present but not nauseating nor headache inducing like a lot of "food-like" scents can be, because of the warmth from the vanilla. It's definitely a late fall-mid winter fragrance, perfect for the holidays. If you like apple-cinnamon scents but you want something just a little deeper, look no further. For those of you that like to play around with different scent combinations, I have burned, Luscious Pumpkin Trifle along with Red Apple Wreath. Luscious Pumpkin Trifle helped tone down the apple cinnamon, enhancing the notes of walnut, maple & vanilla. They work wonderfully together, If you want to try something different,(and you happen to have Luscious Pumpkin Trifle on hand!), you might want to try it.

-Fragrance: 7/10 (simply because of my dislike for apple-cinnamon)
-Throw: 8/10
-Overall: B+ 

Until Next Time,
💗The Candle Queen

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Yankee Candle Magical Frosted Forest

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- MAGICAL FROSTED FOREST

Size:  22 oz. Double Wick Tumbler

Yankee Candle Description: An enchanted place where icy breezes playfully dance through tall, snow-coated pines.

                                           Official Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top: Icy Eucalyptus, Frozen Strawberry Leaf, Raspberry Ice
                                        Mid: Pine Needles, Balsam Fir, Crushed Pineapple
                                        Base: White Cedar, Tonka Bean, Golden Amber

                                    Size:  22 oz. Double Wick Tumbler

Sledding at Pat Root's House...

When I was a kid, I grew up in the country. Fletcher, Vermont to be specific. I have some of my most vivid memories, attached to scent, growing up there. My childhood wasn't perfect, but until I was 10, it was pretty damn good.My parent's, my older brother, and I grew up in a 3 story converted farmhouse with more acres of woods than I can even fathom owning now. In the winter, our backyard was an Evergreen lover's paradise. We had towering and majestic, 100+ year old trees all over our property. My winters' smelled like fresh snow, pine cones, pine needles, and wood stoves. To this day, whenever I smell someone's wood stove, I breathe it in as deeply as I can. Mmmmm....childhood.

Mike and I have only had one real tree in nearly seven years together. My old apartment had an open floor plan and high ceilings, perfect spacing for a Christmas Tree. I'll never forget how Mike decorated our beautiful tree with Jason Varitek baseball cards. Jason Varitek was the captain of the Red Sox, and I always lusted after him. Maybe it was the beard.... ANYWAY, obviously I have amazing memories tied to the smell of REAL Christmas Trees. Sadly, our current apartment just doesn't have room to house one. I read nearly all the reviews for "Christmas tree" scented candles on Yankee Candle's website. They all sounded similar, with just a few notes different. Many reviewers said the same thing: "this smells like REAL Christmas tree!". It's hard to choose ONE scent out of the many, many offered.I finally settled on Magical Frosted Forrest because the name reminded me of the winter woods, out in the country. Could it really smell like Fletcher?

On cold sniff, I smelled almost a minty top note, along with a fairly authentic pine/pine cone middle. Then the fragrance is easily overwhelmed with Eucalyptus, tickling your nose and getting caught in your throat like Vick's Vapo-Rub. Finally, there was just a hint of a clean, soapy fragrance, almost undetectable, but definitely there.
My immediate concern was whether this candle smelled like trees in a forrest . I can confirm that this candle smells just like that. Less a "Christmas Tree" scent and more of a "surrounded by pine trees, walking in the forrest, LOOKING for the perfect tree" experience. I hope that makes some kind of sense to you but I know not everyone grew up in New England. When the candle is burning, you smell much less of the Eucalyptus, and MORE of the softer pine/woods/snowy notes. If you are looking for something that smells like the tree itself, I would recommend checking out one of their other MANY scents, listed on the website. HOWEVER, if you want to smell what it feels like to slide down a hill with the other neighborhood kids in the country at Pat Root's house, with fresh snow and Pine Trees all around you, stock up on this candle! This is a seasonal scent, so supply is limited now, but I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing next fall/winter. The throw is very good, filling my living room, but not overwhelming. This particular scent is perfect for gift giving too, as I can't imagine many people would dislike the scent of a Magical Frosted Forrest!

EDIT: This is the only candle where I had some tunneling. I trimmed the wicks and it burned fine until it got a little below halfway. One of my wicks has drowned in wax and I can't get to it! The other one is fine, but now my candle burns unevenly, which is very sad because I REALLY love this scent!

-Throw: 8/10
-Overall: A

Until Next Time,

💗The Candle Queen

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Yankee Candle Review: ALL IS BRIGHT

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- ALL IS BRIGHT

Size:  22 oz. Large Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Description: A blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk.

                                            Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top: Grapefruit, Orange
                                        Mid: Red Currant
                                        Base: Sweet Musk

Warm, Sugar Sprinkled Currant w/ Citrus Notes.
I haven't bought many Yankee Candles the last couple of years, but I couldn't pass up their 5/55$ large candle deal. This is the first one I got and it's burning in my living room right now. On cold sniff, you are definitely hit in the face with a strong citrus smell. Mostly, I smell the grapefruit, but I also smell orange/orange peel, possibly mandarin leaf, and at the very base, almost a light floral undertone. I am assuming that is the musk base.
Upon burning, It has a lovely soft warm body with notes of sugar and citrus. The main scent is the currant, which is a different scent in itself. Not a lot of candles smell like this. Blended all together, this is an inoffensive, inviting winter fragrance perfect for Netflix binge watching while the snow falls outside your window. It's like a warm fire wrapped in a hug. Lots of holiday candles smell the same, so if you want to try something other than apples and cinnamon, spicy and piney scents, give this candle a try. I give this scent 9/10. I would definitely repurchase. Added Bonus It has excellent throw.. It's throw is a 10/10. Out of the 5 candles I bought, this was my favorite and the most fragrant. My whole living room smells lovely from just this one candle sitting on my coffee table. All is Bright seems like a seasonal scent, as Yankee Candle is phasing it out of their online inventory. Hopefully we will see it again next year. I hope I grabbed an extra jar because not only do I love the smell of this candle, it  also makes a great gift since it's a scent everyone could enjoy.

-Fragrance: 9/10
-Throw: 10/10
-Overall: A+ (it doesn't get much better than this!)

Until Next Time, my Candle Subjects!

💗The Candle Queen

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Welcome to Smell This!


                                   to The Grand Opening post for my new blog,
                                      Smell This

 Let me start by introducing myself. Call me the Candle Queen BUT I'm not just interested in scented candles. I love ALL scented products. I was blessed with a super sniffer, and I can pick up even the most subtle of scents. It's a blessing, yes... but it can also be a curse. Imagine, if you will, you can smell everything around you better than most people. It's great for stuff that smells GOOD, right? Unfortunately, not everything smells good.

For Example:  I can smell your stinky foot odor when you take your shoes off DOWNSTAIRS, and I'm upstairs. You think you are getting away with it, casually leaving those stinky sneakers at the door, but I can smell both the stink wafting from your shoes AND the smell of your stinky socks carrying their offensive odor upstairs to me. I am choking, as you take a seat across the room from me.

Some people have stinkier feet than others. I don't understand how, when someone has stinky feet, or BO, they walk around unaware. How is it that NO ONE has told them odor eaters & deodorant are their best friends? Is this the same scenario as when people don't tell you that you have food caught in your teeth? We live in a world where we avoid offending people at all costs, lest we look like anti-social, bitchy cave people with no social skills to speak of.

I like to think I'm fairly empathetic. I often can't even read, watch, or hear about sad/bad/disturbing things. I avoid TV Shows, Movies, and News that are too graphic, violent or emotional. Some say I'm missing out, and maybe I am. I can't help but put myself in the shoes of the people & characters that find themselves in dire situations. I feel distress, though I know  I am actually safe in my own home.
I have something called, "Emotional Intensity Disorder", which basically means I FEEL emotions very strongly. Too strongly. I'm hypersensitive, not just about myself, but about the world around me. This all brings me back to hypersensitivity about OTHER things, scent being one of them. I'm an empathetic person, yes, but I have no problem telling someone: they stink. I'd want someone to tell me if I stink. Please do me that favor! I know there are other people like me out there with even more sensitive noses than mine, and the last thing I want to do is smell bad.

I've always been into scented products. Because of my ADD, I never stick with any fragrance too long. I do have my favorites I keep coming back to. These scents are comforting, familiar, sexy, warm, exciting... triggered by experiences and memories. I have a love for Incense, especially Nag Champa, because of a prior relationship. I remember my early adulthood and what it smelled like coming home to the one you love. Even though my marriage ended, this is a scent that travels with me, to every apartment I have ever owned. My ex Husband wore Polo by Ralph Lauren. The one in the green bottle. I remember getting it for him every Christmas. To this day, I can smell it on anyone near me, and it fills me with a plethora of emotions. It's a scent that's too painful for me to revisit, though I appreciate the occasional encounter. It's quick enough that it sparks a familiarity, and nothing more. Nothing deeper. I almost can't handle it, but I probably can hold it together and not run-off or leave the room.

Where am I going with all this? Well.... I just want to let you in as to WHY this blog is important to me. Scent is personal, magical, painful, offensive, beautiful, enticing, heartbreaking... and so much more. A certain scent can bring you back to childhood, middle school, your first love, your wedding, any any other life-changing events you may have had. I want to share my love of all things scented. I want to give the best, un-biased, informative, thought provoking, and hopefully, INTERESTING reviews. There will be posts about candles, perfumes, body washes, plug-ins, lotions, air fresheners, fabric softeners and many, many more scented products to come! I hope I can help you make the best scent choices. I don't know how many people will actually read this blog, but I hope to connect with you. Let me earn your trust and I will not steer you wrong! If you have a product you want me to try or smell, please let me know, and I will try to review it. Whatever I can get my hands on, I will post about! I'm hoping eventually I can expand this Blog, and cover other products I love, (like clothing & cosmetics).

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey of the olfactory kind. Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a a seat, and get ready to SMELL THIS!

Until Next time,
💗The Candle Queen