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Yankee Candle Review: HONEY CLEMENTINE Easy Melt Cup

Yankee Candle Honey Clementine

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- Honey Clementine

Yankee Description: "Refreshing orange takes a sweet turn in this honey-dipped citrus delight."
Fragrance Notes: 
Top:  Orange Peel 
Mid:  Clementine
Base: Honey

Sensory Overload...

  • Wow. The cold sniff is INTENSE. The citrus goes right up your nose.The fragrance is very strong. This is definitely the strongest melt cup I own, at least on cold sniff. This is not a fragrance I would recommend for people bothered by extreme citrus smells, at least, not in Easy Melt Cup form. Maybe the candle is more palatable.

  • It saddens me I don't like this scent more. I like the idea of all it's notes. It's a direct & uncomplicated fragrance on paper. Citrus Peel, Sweet Orange and Honey. That's it. Unfortunately, the astringent quality to the citrus notes, that's so dominant, overshadows everything positive about this smell. It goes into kitchen degreaser territory, also reminding me of the gritty orange cleaner mechanics use to clean their hands. If you like citrus smells that punch you in the face with their assertiveness, or you have a giant room you need to fill w/ fragrance, this melt cup's for you. 

Yankee Candle Honey Clementine Easy Melt Cup
Let's see what happens when we Melt This Baby.

  • It smells less like cleaner, It now takes on the "refreshing" part of it's description. This might be because I've already melted it a couple of times. The scent is less powerful, and I much prefer this version. I can smell this all throughout my living room and down to the bottom of my stairs. That gives you an idea of just how strong this fragrance was when I melted it the first time. 

  • I think the honey base finally comes through when you melt it. It softens the citrus cleaner smell, Coupled with the Clementine, the scent is sweeter, more gentle, and guest friendly. I still don't think I would buy it again, unless I REALLY needed something to clear/freshen the air. It might be good to have on hand for such an occasion.

-Fragrance: 7/10    
-Throw:       10/10   
-Overall:       B

Update: I burned my White Sage candle with this fragrance, originally thinking Honey Clementine was the type of scent that plays well with others. I can't recommend this mix. The citrus overpowers White Sage's relaxing spa scent. I guess I should have known better because citrus is energizing, while sage is relaxing. I don't know what else I could mix this with where the orange won't completely dominate. If YOU figure out a good mix, please let me know! 

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