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Yanee Candle Review: EDELWEISS Easy Melt Cup

Yankee Candle Edelweiss

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- Edelweiss

Yankee Description: "Experience the unspoiled beauty of an alpine meadow in the refreshing scent of delicate white flowers."
Fragrance Notes: 
Top:   Lily of the Valley, Green Watery
Mid:   Rose, Muguet
Base: Musk

Soft & White, Clean & Bright...

  • There is a strong floral presence upon taking off it's lid. I expected that, since my only real exposure to Edelweiss is the song from The Sound of Music. I knew it was a flower, and it doesn't grow in America. Hence, my curiosity on what it actually smelled like.
  •  This is Yankee's version of Edelweiss. No Edelweiss is listed, but there is Lily of the Valley, Muguet & Rose in the notes. All together, the scent is a lovely, soft floral. No powder! That's so important to me when Rose is listed as a fragrance note. The best way I can describe it: a gentle floral w/ some green & soapy undertones. That's the Watery Green and the Musk. It's a great blend that doesn't lean "bathroom candle". It reminds me of expensive bubble bath or some type of spa-like Masseus's floral. I'd melt this while giving or recieving a massage. It's perfect for that. I can't imagine it offending anyone. It's also comforting & somehow familiar. I can't pinpoint why. Maybe it will come to me later.

Melting Time!.

  • It's more soapy on cold sniff, but it still reminds me of some type of higher end floral bubble bath. Something I would never buy for myself but would gladly receive as a gift. I wish it had a stronger throw. It's only really noticed w/ a more discerning nose. You know who you are...πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ƒ
  • I've used this a couple of times now. I really like it but my boyfriend's reaction has been consistently indifferent. I put this on the Scenterpiece, he walks in and asks me to light a candle. This has happened every time I've used Edelweiss. Mike doesn't have a sensitive nose, so he can't appreciate it's soft, subtle smell. Unless you have a super sniffer, this melt cup isn't strong enough to hold any sort of presence. 
  •  I wouldn't buy this again, at least not in melt cup form. I am interested in getting the candle. I would get it to mix w/ other floral or spa fragrances. I would just have to be careful the candle I mix it with doesn't drown out this pretty scent. If you have a nose like mine, and like light, clean smelling florals, you will like this. I recommend trying it, or at least, give it a sniff the next time your browsing the Yankee Candle store.

    -Fragrance:  8/10   
    -Throw:        4/10   
    -Overall:       C+

    Until Next Time, my Illuminating Subjects!

    πŸ’—The Candle Queen

    The Candle Queen

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