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If you are anything like me, you like just reading fragrance DESCRIPTIONS. I close my eyes and imagine the possible scent combinations. Sometimes I just want to have a list of candles with similar notes, so I can find one similar to another one I like, since candle companies like to retire their scents every season/year. I've decided to keep track of Yankee Candle fragrance descriptions to help myself and the masses REMEMBER what the notes & descriptions are for their CURRENT online candles.
Yankee Candle current scent list
I have a lot of interest in fragrances from the past. There is a whole world of Yankee Candle COLLECTORS out there. I had no idea that was a thing! I don't have the resources to collect these, like I do My Little Ponies, because I don't have candles with trade in value.  Maybe I can figure out how to get my hands on some, despite my limited resources. I looked around in other blogs for scent descriptions and profiles on specific candles... but many blogs are unfinished or unorganized. I do recommend Andy's Candles for information, pictures, and reviews. He has an extensive candle collection.

This is a passion project of mine. Information will be updated as often as new fragrances are added and retired. I hope to create individual pages for each candle scent. It's a huge undertaking, but I'm up for the task. I hope to have one of the most comprehensive scented candle list on the internet. For now, I am concentrating on Current RETIRING Fragrances, as well as some older ones you will occasionally see profiled. There is a key code listed at the bottom for quick references on what the current status of each fragrance is. You will know when a fragrance is being retired, and what the description and notes are before Yankee pulls the info off the internet.

This is a huge undertaking. Any help, information, reviews and corrections are GREATLY appreciated. Send me an email, or feel free to leave comments. Without further ado, I give you

Yankee Candle Company Current Candles 2019

Sooo... THAT'S what I've been doing all Febuary. I HAVE many reviews in the works, including Goose Creek! Should have next post up sometime this weekend.

Til Next Time! 
Yankee Candle Company list of candles 2019

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Monday, February 18, 2019

SPOTLIGHT: Yankee Candle Retiring/Discontinued Berry Trifle Profile

    Yankee Candle Berry Trifle

  • Berry Trifle

"The mouth-watering fragrance of fresh berries, tangy and sharp, nestled on a white bed of soft vanilla cream—delicious!"

Top:  Raspberry
Mid:  Strawberry, Blueberry
Base: Vanilla, Cream, Sugar

Year Released:   2015 (?)
Year Retired:    2019  (?)
Collection:    Holiday/Seasonal/Fruity Candles

Yankee Candle Site Reviews

  • My Favorite Candle

"I was so disappointing over the holidays when I went to the store and was told this candle was discontinued. It is by far my favorite and buy it for many loved ones as a gift. Would love to see it back in the available scents!"

  • Love This Scent!

"This is absolutely my favorite scent. I would've given this review 5 stars but for some reason Yankee decided to not put this scent out in the large jars this past year."

  • Love This Candle

"The fragrance is not overwhelming. One of my favorite scents, wish it came in the large jar!"

  • Disappointed

"I was excited about getting this candle because it sounded (I bought online) wonderful. I am disappointed because it doesn't put out any fragrance."

  • Excellent & long lasting scent

"I bought a medium just before Christmas & lit it every morning. My living room was fragrant with this wonderful scent! My only complaint it the wick was off center so it didn’t melt evenly. I’m back to get another one and hopefully a larger one."


"One of my absolute favorite fragrances! Very disappointed that Yankee did not bring it back in stores this year. Shame on you Yankee!!!! I burn it year round."

  • Warm and inviting

"I bought this recently and have been burning it practically everday. It makes my entire great room smell sweet, warm and inviting. Should have purchased two."

  • Smells heavenly

"The best sweetest smell you will ever find in any candle! Glad Yankee candle brought this scent back after a couple of years. @Yankee Candle, please keep this scent a regular!"

  • Love this Candle

"Friends come in to my home and ask what smells so good. The fragrance is wonderful. I absolutely love this candle and would definitely recommend to all."

5 out of 5 stars.

  • Delicious Scent

"Smells like dessert! This delicious scent will be sure to wow any guest with its sweet berry and creamy notes. Great throw and a winter favorite!"

5 out of 5 stars.

  • Fresh, Natural Fragrance

"Visitors walk in and say, "Wow, your house smells great! What are you baking?" It's my Berry Trifle Yankee Candles! This is a wonderful fragrance year round. Is there a fresh, summer berry pie in the oven, or a special winter holiday dessert? No, just 2 candles in my kitchen bay window. If we could vote on certain fragrances that would never be discontinued, this is one of the Yankee Candles that would get definitely my vote!"

  • No Throw......

"Let me 1st say that I love Yankee Candles......I tried this candle because of the rave reviews it received. I must say I can barely smell this candle while it is burning. I could faintly smell it when I received it, before I lit it. I have now burned the candle in a small 8x10 room and still cannot smell it upon entering the room. Maybe I am not able to distinguish this particular scent, I am not sure!"