Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Bath & Body Works Review: Sweet Magnolia & Clementine Ultra Shea Body Cream

Bath & Body Works Description:  "Take a stroll through charming tree-lined streets and enjoy a warm breeze on the veranda as you savor our collection of delightful spring fragrances, fit for a beautiful belle."
Fragrance Notes: Sweet Magnolia, Fresh Clementine, Blooming Gardenia, Spring Sandalwood, Golden Honey

Cold sniff: I expected a fruity floral based on the fragrance notes listed. This is sweet & fresh. The scent is rather mild compared to the other B&BW creams I own. Going off the initial impression, I like this type of fragrance.

Do I detect some Vanilla or Amber in the background?

Based on the notes, I think what I'm smelling is the Sandalwood & Honey. There is an indescriminate floral weaving in and out of the other notes. I DO eventually smell the Clementine. It's not your regular "orange" note. It's much sweeter than your everyday friendly orange. This is more orange peel, or it's orange juice.

Upon application: The boyfriend says, it smells "pretty", and pretty is a good word for this. There isn't a note here I don't like. It lives up to it's name. The magnolia dominates w/ Clementine shining in the background. I can smell the Honey & Sandalwood after the lotion has had a few minutes to settle. Gardenia lives in the middle notes, combining w/ the Magnolia, completely opening up the fragrance without overpowering any of the other notes. It's a beautiful combination on me. This one's a keeper and I'm so happy I bought it

Good Job Bath & Body Works... Now please UNRETIRE it, so I can buy the Shower Gel!

Fragrance    A
Cream      A

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