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Yankee Candle Home Inspiration: Pink Island Sunset

Yankee Candle Pink Island Sunset

My Review for:   YANKEE CANDLE- Pink Island Sunset

Yankee Candle Description: "Tropical fruits and citrus will have you thinking of gentle trade winds and full, pink sunsets stretching the horizon."

                                                                                            Fragrance Notes:
                                                                        Top:  Citrus, Melon (?) 
                                                                Mid:  Watermelon, Tropical Fruits, Berry (?)
                                                               Base: Vanilla (?)


Definitely Smells Like Watermelon

First off, what a lovely presentation! It is a little faint on cold sniff but I pick up the sweetness. This candle smells like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher. All I smell is watermelon. I can't smell any other notes, it's just very sweet and simple.

Upon lighting, it pretty much smells the same as it did unlit. I detect a hint of melon, perhaps cantelope, and a subtle hint of berry.I believe it is strawberry because of the sweetness. This is an uncomplicated scent, and that can be a wonderful thing when the balance is there. Because the watermelon is SO dominant and still on the weak side, I'm not super impressed by this candle. It smells more like Bubblicious gum, than Jolly Rancher candy, when lit.

The throw is "fine" BUT, because the strength of the fragrance is so one note, your nose gets used to it. It's one of those scented candles where you have to leave the room in order to detect it again.It's an inoffensive, sweet, uncomplicated melon scent. If that's what your looking for, this should fufill your watermelon loving needs. Me, I'm not a huge fan of watermelon. This candle is defintely not my favorite scent, though I am burning it now for varieties sake. I wouldn't buy this candle again, which is a shame, since Mike picked me up more of this scent in votives. I've burned this candle 3 times so far, and there is 1/3 left of it to go. I can probably get 2-3 more burns out of it, which is a pretty decent bang for your buck. My only real issue with this candle, besides the fact I'm not big on watermelon, is that on the third time I burned it, the wicks are starting to drown. Because of this, I get two little baby flames, struggling to survive in the wax. It's a small flaw and it might just be I have a defective candle. This might also account for the weak overall fragrance & throw. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad, and sometimes they're average. This is an average, inoffensive candle.

Note: I tried to temper the sweetness w/ my Yankee Candle: Magical Frosted Forrest. I only succeeded on changing the color of the lovely pink wax into an unappealing orange-brown color because: pink + green = ugly brown.  With about 1/8 of the candle mixed w/ Magical Frosted Forrest, I failed in changing the scent at all.I only added enough to cover the very top layer of wax. Maybe I should have added more. It was still very melon-y and very sweet. 

-Fragrance: 6/10
-Throw: 5/10
-Overall:  C

Until Next Time,
pink island sunset

The Candle Queen <3

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