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Yankee Candle Review: AUTUMN PEARL

Yankee Candle Autumn Pearl

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- Autumn Pearl

22. oz Tumbler Candle                 

Yankee Candle Description: "A creamy blend of lush orchid, vanilla, and delicate freesia sweetened with a swirl of sugar. "

Fragrance Notes:
                                             Top:  Pink Orchid, Jasmine
                                    Mid:  Freesia, Patchouli
                                           Base: Creamy Vanilla, Spun Sugar

Lovely Candle, Love Scent

First off, what a nice presentation and unique wax color. It's hard to describe it, other then a neutral, mauve-ish gray, which seems appropriate for the "pearl" in it's name.

On Cold Sniff, I definitely detect a powdery-sweet smell, with floral (orchid?) mid notes and a vanilla base. SO I would describe this candle as a sweet, powdery floral. It's intoxicating and I can smell it UNOPENED from my coffee table! That's a powerful fragrance. Thank God it's a fragrance I greatly enjoy. I am a sucker for Orchid. It's my favorite flower! The vanilla base mixed with the orchid... this is what I imagine a cloud would smell like... if clouds had a scent.

I'm not a huge fan of powdery notes, but they have their place. I can't tell where it's coming from, so it's very possible I'm smelling the freesia mixed with patchouli, which is floral + earthy, creating (at least to my nose) a powdery likeness. These notes are sweetened by the vanilla, which is why it doesn't stray into baby powder/older lady perfume territory. It's actually soft, pretty, and quite pleasant.

It's funny that both Tranquil Mist and Autumn Pearl, struck me initially, as "powdery", and yet, they have become two of my FAVORITE Yankee Candles. Besides Magical Frosted Forrest, they are my candles I'll have to reorder soon because there's only a few burns left! So... i really ration my burn time. I need to make them last.

 The strength of the fragrance is so attention getting, it makes it seem like it has a stronger throw than it actually does. It easily filled my mid-sized living room with it's intoxicating essence, but didn't travel well outside of that. Still, I would say the throw is average to slightly above average, making it fairly safe for those of you who can get overwhelmed by florals. I highly recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE that enjoys the smell of orchids and vanilla. It's called "Autumn Pearll", but this scent transcends the seasons. It's timeless. You might want to stock up on this one.

-Fragrance: 8/10
-Throw: 6/10
-Overall: A

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Yankee Candle Autumn Pearl review

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