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Goose Creek: Bedtime Stories

Goose Creek Bedtime Stories

My Review for:   Goose Creek- Bedtime Stories

Goose Creek Description: "Roasting marshmallows by the fire,
the imaginations run wild as our favorite bedtime stories are being told. "

Fragrance Notes:
                                             Top:  Campfire Marshmallow, Warm Vanilla Bean
                                    Mid:  Whipped Cream, Light Smoky Notes
                                           Base: Vanilla Extract, Sandalwood, Soft Balsam

2nd Most Fragrant Candle....

Out of the 3 candles I ordered from my FIRST ORDER of Goose Creek Candles, Bedtime Stories was the middle child of fragrance strength. It wasn't as strong as my Butter Cookie Candle, but definitely stronger than my Pumpkin Caramel Swirl. On cold sniff, I immediately picked up on SWEET. The sweet notes in this candle are very obvious, though the particulars on these notes are a little tricky to pinpoint. After the initial sweet fragrance hits you, you than smell either a light powdery or floral note in the background. The powdery smell is most likely the sandalwood in the base notes.
goose creek bedtime stories

There is extra layering added to this once lit. The vanilla comes out to join the marshmallow. The marshmallow goes, from the bag on cold sniff, to the warmth of campfire toasted soon after the wax pools. Then you get a waft of herbal note some people might not like because of the toasted marshmallow scent. The herbal note I detect is probably the balsam, which doesn't come off as a fresh green note, like Christmas scents often do. This balsam has a little bit of bitterness to it, creating the char on top of the gooey marshmallow. The smokey sandalwood and the addition of the Balsam tones down the sweetness of vanilla and marshmallow, though one time I thought it smelled a little like plastic was thrown into my campfire.This only happened once, but I thought I should mention it.

Bedtime Stories is an intriguing fragrance. It's not for people that dislike really sweet fragrances. It might give them a headache, though I doubt anyone that sensitive to sweet candles would want to try a marshmallow/whipped cream/vanilla candle. I enjoy burning this candle. It's sweet, but soft and less food-y than you would think. I really do feel like the label matches the scent. Cozy. Warm. Safe. Inviting. The throw is about a 6/10, filling my living room and part of my hallway. I think this is a great pick up for anyone that likes non food-y sweet scents, or anyone that just wants to try something a little different.

Note: I wanted to see what would happen if I melted a little Goose Creek Holiday Rum Cake, while burning this candle. I thought it would be interesting to try to bring out a more food-y side of the marshmallow. Mixing the two created a fragrance that was TO DIE FOR. I mean it. All out DELICIOUS. I can't imagine anyone not loving this combination. I recommend trying other food fragrances with this to see what delicious combos can be made. Bedtime Stories is extremely versatile and I will update when I try something else with it!

-Fragrance: 7/10
-Throw: 6/10
-Overall: B (above average for mixing!)

Until Next Time,
goose creek bedtime stories

The Candle Queen <3

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