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Yankee Candle Home Inspiration: Moonlit Night

Yankee Candle Moonlit Night cat stickerYankee Candle Moonlit Night votive

My Review for:   YANKEE CANDLE- Moonlit Night

Size: 4 oz. Votive Candle
Yankee Candle Description: "There's a peaceful stillness to this fragrance that comes from a mix of cedar, oak moss, clove and more. It's calm and quiet, crisp but relaxing..."


melted candle black waxFragrance Notes:
 Top:   Bergamot, Clove (?)
 Mid:   Midnight Blooming Jasmine, Pine needles or Eucalyptus (?)
 Base: Ceder, Oak Moss, Musk, Vetiver (?)

My Initial Impression:

This is a dark candle, so I figure it will be a masculine type of fragrance. I'm thinking something similar to Yankee Candle's Best Seller, "A Mid Summer's Night," which has herbal, citrus, and woody notes listed, as well as Bergamot, lavender, pine, sage, and vetiver included.

On cold sniff, it definitely has men's cologne notes, but they are softer, cleaner and more pleasant than I was expecting. Though it's on the "masculine" side, this works very well as a unisex fragrance. Men & Women will both enjoy this candle. I don't quite know what I'm smelling but I would describe it as "woodsy meets fresh w/ a touch of floral." I believe there is either eucalyptus or pine mixed in the mid notes. I can smell it softening the men's cologne and floral notes.

melted votive candle black wax
Let's light this puppy. It takes about 40 mins to properly pool, with the throw starting off at about a 4. Not bad for a votive candle. After about 90 mins, the fragrance REALLY got going. All of a sudden, my little votive threw about an 8/10. Moonlit Night smells nice cold, but even better when lit because the fragrance itself opens up and intensifies. It starts to smell less like cologne and more like a men's deodorant. I mean this in a good way because the fresh notes take over the overtly masculine ones. This is the type of deodorant you borrow from your boyfriend because the scent is pleasant and works for both sexes.

So WHAT is in it? Yankee Candle's website doesn't list the fragrance notes, so I am entirely guessing. Based on what I can detect, this smells of a seductive Bergamot w/ citrus (?) pine/eucalyptus, and floral mid notes Finally, there is a woodsy, cedar and soft vanilla musk or sandalwood base. I'm guessing there is some Vetiver mixed into the background. Yankee loves their Vetiver. There is an interesting element to this scent that gives it a vintage vibe. It's a note that reminds me of my grandfather AFTER he smoked his pipe/cigar. Maybe a whiff of vanilla that wraps around the eucalyptus/pine notes I smelled earlier. It's a comforting smell. Very pleasing and not overwhelming, despite the throw being so strong. I burned this Votive all the way through and I got about 8 hours of burn time. I could smell this candle permeate my living room, hallway and the bottom of my stairs. Not bad for a votive that started out relatively weak.

I'd recommend this fragrance to anyone that likes strong, unisex fragrances w/ a woodsy-floral vibe. Guys, if you come across this candle while shopping, pick it up. It's fairly unique and comforting. The ladies will appreciate it. 😉

white cat with candle
Note: I asked the Yankee Candle website, what notes are in this fragrance? I am waiting to hear back. I will update when/if they answer me. They DID say this fragrance was very similar to "Moonlit Garden." The Notes in this fragrance are listed as: Top: White Cyclamen, Fresh Citrus, Orange; Mid: Blooming Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Freesia; Base: Musk, Climbing Ivy, Clove.

-Fragrance: 8/10
-Throw:  8/10
-Overall: A

Until Next Time,
yankee candle moonlit night review

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