Thursday, April 18, 2019

Goose Creek Wax Melt Review: Holiday Rum Cake


My Review for:   Goose Creek- Holiday Rum Cake

Goose Creek Description: "Absolutely delicious! Delight in this festive, gourmet blend. It's Holiday Rum Cake Heaven!"

Fragrance Notes:
                                  Top:    Rich Cream, Warm Butter
                                         Mid:   Warm Vanilla Cake, Cocoa Drizzle
                                              Base:  Sweet Vanilla Bean, Light Rum Notes


Does that smell Good. I can't decide what smells better on cold sniff, the Butter Cookie Candle or Holiday Rum Cake wax melt. They both appeal to my love of bakery/cookie/cake scents, and they are done VERY WELL. Read: Better than YANKEE in this department. I had read that Goose Creek's bakery candles were superior, and it only took one little sniff to confirm this. The first note I detect is a kind of buttery, lightly spiced, moist, sticky & delicious cake. This cake is not frosted, but straight out of the oven and onto your plate. I could eat this wax with a spoon right now. It smells entirely true to life. How could this POSSIBLY get better?

Lets Melt This Baby!

After about 5 mins in my Scenterpiece, my living room is already starting to smell like cake. It's pretty amazing, as it intensifies everything I loved about this scent on cold sniff. A little later, I can smell it going up the stairs and throughout my hallway. The butter notes are stronger upon melting, deepening the moistness of the cake notes. It's a very warm & inviting scent. It doesn't read "sweet" despite the vanilla and cocoa notes. I can't even pick out them out, as they they seem to blend & bolster all the other notes. It's more bakery than sweet, which is why I think I like it so much.

This is by far the best scent I currently own. I am kicking myself HARD for not snapping up the large sized jar while it was still in stock. I won't make that mistake the next time it's available.. Unfortunately that probably won't happen until the holidays roll around again.. As soon as I see it back in stock, into my cart it goes. It's THAT GOOD people.

I'm a cookie girl, but this scent makes me want to try Rum Cake. If it tastes as delicious as this wax melt smells, I've been missing out. I can't imagine anyone not loving this scent. It smells like I've been baking a cake too complicated & delicious for me to actually attempt. My cake wouldn't compare. I recommend Holiday Rum Cake to anyone & Everyone. It might be the best thing you've ever smelled. I feel like I could smell this everyday, for the rest of my life, and probably never get sick of it.

-Fragrance:   10/10   (beyond expectations!)
-Throw:         10/10   (fills the whole house!)
Overall:        A++

Until Next Time, my Candle Subjects!

💗The Candle Queen

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