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Yankee Candle Review: Blush Bouquet Melt Cup

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Yankee Candle Blush Bouquet

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- Blush Bouquet

Yankee Description: "Welcoming pink peonies, lilies, and citrus blossoms in a bespoke bouquet fit for the center of the table."

               Fragrance Notes: 
                 Top:  Cherry Blossoms 
                          Mid:  Peony, Sweet Pea, Lily 
Base: Amber

What A Pleasure

Cold sniff: My first thought is that this is a light, clean smell that's not super distinct, but really pretty. It's a blend of flowers with no flower overshadowing the other. It reminds me of something... but I can't quite put  my finger on it. Maybe it will reveal itself later.

Lets Melt This Baby!

Yankee Candle Owl Scenterpiece Wax Melter
Upon 30 mins of being in my Scenterpiece, the fragrance itself is still light, but the throw is about a 7 in my medium sized living room. Though it has decent throw, this is a smell your nose gets used to after a few minutes. The florals have intensified a bit, but I have trouble smelling any amber. My guess is the amber gives the fragrance a little warmth, a little depth that softens and mutes the explosion of florals. There's a sweetness to it, but it reads CLEAN, not cloying. This makes it tolerable to people with floral overload sensitivities, and/or allergies.

 I am reminded of a perfume I used to smell on a daily basis, so there's nostalgia there. In the early Aughts, I worked for Estee Lauder. I'm extremely familure with all their fragrances from that time period. Blush Bouquet very much reminds me of Estee Lauder's Pleasures. I wore it quite a bit while I was working. It was one of their younger, lighter, prettier scents, and it smelled good on almost anyone.
Estee Lauder Pleasures Perfume w/ bottlePicture a young girl of 17, wearing a white sundress and flowers in her hair. She's walking barefoot through a field of wildflowers, while the wind blows both her hair and the all the various floral smells mingle with each blowing tendril. Take a deep breath.... that's what this smells like. Floral Beauty & Youth. Like Pleasures, it's a soft, sweet, inoffensive & well blended floral that will be IDEAL for mixing, since the fragrance strength is rather mild.

Throw this melt cup on while burning any other floral candle and you can't go wrong. I burned a Gardenia candle, while Blush Bouquet was melting, and it punched up the scent considerably. It was such a fantastic blend, I am now looking for a candle that includes: Cherry Blossoms, Peony, Sweet Pea, Lily & Gardenia. I'd like to be able to smell this blend, whenever I want, at the flick of a Bic. I'm not sure if I would purchase a full size of this candle, just for mixing purposes. I wish the fragrance strength on it's own was enough without having to add a heavier floral to punch it up. Maybe Amber wasn't the right way to go with the base note. I feel like that is the reason the fragrance is muted. They could have gone with a non-foody, floral vanilla, and I think they would have had an absolute winner. As it is, this is still a nice candle for a smaller room, if you want to burn it on it's own. If you are sensitive to strong floral notes, this is a good candle/melt cup for you. I also recommend it to the older Millennials who have fond memories of wearing/smelling this perfume in the early 2000's. Now if I could just find a candle that smells like Vanilla Fields.....

-Fragrance: 7/10       (fragrance is lovely but it could be stronger!)
-Throw:       7/10        (good for smaller rooms)
-Overall:       B

Until Next Time, my Candle Subjects!

💗The Candle Queen

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