Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Yankee Candle Review: ALL IS BRIGHT

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- ALL IS BRIGHT

Size:  22 oz. Large Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Description: A blend of sparkling citrus scents drifting on warm musk.

                                            Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top: Grapefruit, Orange
                                        Mid: Red Currant
                                        Base: Sweet Musk

Warm, Sugar Sprinkled Currant w/ Citrus Notes.
I haven't bought many Yankee Candles the last couple of years, but I couldn't pass up their 5/55$ large candle deal. This is the first one I got and it's burning in my living room right now. On cold sniff, you are definitely hit in the face with a strong citrus smell. Mostly, I smell the grapefruit, but I also smell orange/orange peel, possibly mandarin leaf, and at the very base, almost a light floral undertone. I am assuming that is the musk base.
Upon burning, It has a lovely soft warm body with notes of sugar and citrus. The main scent is the currant, which is a different scent in itself. Not a lot of candles smell like this. Blended all together, this is an inoffensive, inviting winter fragrance perfect for Netflix binge watching while the snow falls outside your window. It's like a warm fire wrapped in a hug. Lots of holiday candles smell the same, so if you want to try something other than apples and cinnamon, spicy and piney scents, give this candle a try. I give this scent 9/10. I would definitely repurchase. Added Bonus It has excellent throw.. It's throw is a 10/10. Out of the 5 candles I bought, this was my favorite and the most fragrant. My whole living room smells lovely from just this one candle sitting on my coffee table. All is Bright seems like a seasonal scent, as Yankee Candle is phasing it out of their online inventory. Hopefully we will see it again next year. I hope I grabbed an extra jar because not only do I love the smell of this candle, it  also makes a great gift since it's a scent everyone could enjoy.

-Fragrance: 9/10
-Throw: 10/10
-Overall: A+ (it doesn't get much better than this!)

Until Next Time, my Candle Subjects!

💗The Candle Queen

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