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My Review for:   Yankee CandleLUSCIOUS PUMPKIN TRIFLE

Size:  22 oz.  Double Wick Tumbler

Yankee Candle Description: A mouthwatering temptation of vanilla cake, cinnamon, sweet cream and pumpkin.

                                           Official Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top:    Cinnamon, Cream
                                        Mid:   Clove, Pumpkin
                                        Base:   Vanilla Cake, Brown Sugar

So.....where's the Pumpkin?
 First off, I LOVE Pumpkin! I love pumpkin so much, I named my cat Pumpkin. She is THE love of my life. She loves candles too, but she isn't very careful around them. Poor girl singed her tail while I was burning this candle.
Upon cold sniff, I picked up vanilla, buttercream/sweet cream, and a powdered sugar/frosting sent. It smells delicious but.... where's the pumpkin? I thought maybe I would be able to smell it when it was burning, but I really couldn't pick up anything pumpkin related. This particular candle has a subtle sweetness that could get lost in larger rooms. If you want the delicious, full experience, I recommend lighting this in a smaller room. It was hard to smell in my living room, which is much more open than my bedroom. While burning it in my bedroom I could smell it throughout the whole entire room. This candle is perfect for that. I picked up the scent of cake browning in the oven, and bakery notes: burnt sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, buttercream, and melted butter. If you like sweet scents, or food food-related bakery scents, you will like this. I tried to find the pumpkin ANYWHERE in the notes while burning. and the only thing that might resemble pumpkin, was a slightly acrid smell buried underneath everything else. Maybe it's the suble hint of pumpkin, or maybe it's the burnt sugar. I was really looking forward to smelling the pumpkin, so I'm taking off points for lack of discernible pumpkin scent and the subtlety of the throw. 

-Fragrance: 7.5/10    (needs MORE PUMPKIN!)
-Throw: 7/10       
(will easily fill a medium or smaller room)
Overall: B-     (the name is misleading. it should be like warm vanilla pound cake)

Until Next Time,

💗The Candle Queen

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