Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Yankee Candle: TRANQUIL MIST

My Review for:   Yankee Candle- TRANQUIL MIST

Size:  14.5 oz. Medium Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Description: A cool, calming blend of fresh air, clean cotton, supple cashmere, and white musk.

                                            Fragrance Notes:
                                        Top: Fresh Air, Rose Water, Lavender
                                        Mid: Cashmere Accord, Clean Cotton
                                        Base: White Musk, Sandalwood 

Aunt Janice, is that you?

Based on the Clean Cotton and Sandalwood fragrance notes, I liked the idea of this scent. The name is also enticing. Anything with "Tranquil" in it reminds me of Serenity Now. I have pretty bad anxiety sometimes, and though I would like to meditate and use mindfulness more, scented candles are a nice substitution. Just light and breathe in the relaxation. I received this particular candle as a Christmas gift. Though the person who gave me this doesn't know me very well, she happened to pick a scent I already had on my Yankee Candle Wishlist! I love it when things work out like that. I was QUITE excited to smell my new candle.

Whoa...My first impression was, "this is a bathroom kind of scent". I was a little taken back by the powerful floral and almost baby powder like aroma I got on cold sniff. I smelled the lavender and the rose water first and foremost. I really wasn't sure if I was going to like this. I was pretty sure this was way too powdery for me. I like floral, but I could do without any sort of powdery essence.

Upon lighting this candle, the scent became a lot less bathroom-y. It smelled much more living-room friendly than I thought it would be When lit, the scent becomes a softer and comforting floral composition. The Sandalwood comes through and the musk is minimal. The powdery note I was so apprehensive about was a non-issue while this candle is lit. This particular scent reminds me of my Aunt Janice. She's such a sweet, loving, bubbly woman, and this pretty, soft and comforting purple candle is HER in a jar! That's what won me over the most. I don't know if the actual notes were the same as whatever perfume she used to wear, but the essence of this candle IS My Aunt Janice. My Aunt is the type of person who loved to have the family over for various holidays. She was a first grade teacher, greatly admired by her students. She was everyone's "favorite teacher". She, and Uncle John, moved to North Carolina a few years ago. The last time I saw her was at my Grandfather's funeral in 2012.

When this candle is lit, I'm a little girl, going through the Teddy Bear Book upstairs in the guest room, with my Aunt.

It's funny because I originally thought this would be a candle I wouldn't light very often, if EVER, in my living room. It turns out, this is the candle I bring out the most. Sadly, this is also the smallest of my Yankee Candles, and there are only a few burns left in her. It's been two weeks, and I've been burning her every other day for a few hours. The throw for this medium sized jar is AMAZING! It's one of the strongest throws in my current candle collection and easily fills my living room and hallway. It can even be smelled halfway up my stairs. That's a powerful little candle. If you like florals with a sandalwood base and a touch of musk, you should give this candle a try, or sniff. Just remember, it's one of those scents that transforms when lit.

-Fragrance: 8/10     ( i just can't give this a 10 due to slight powder smell)
-Throw: 10/10         (
the best of the best!)
-Overall: A

Until Next Time,

💗The Candle Queen

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