Thursday, January 24, 2019

Pillsbury: Blueberry Pie

My Review for:   Pillsbury- Blueberry Pie Scented Candle

Size: 3 oz. Jar

 Description: Nothing feels more like home than this Pillsbury Blueberry Pie Scented Candle. Each candle comes in a 3-oz. glass jar. Relax at home and enjoy the comfort of this scent for hours as you reminisce about your childhood and grandma's delicious cooking.

                                            Fragrance Notes: 
                                        Top: ??
                                        Mid: ??
                                        Base: ??

                         American Greetings + Pillsbury = This Candle.

I didn't have a ton of hope for this candle for two reasons, one: it was of poor quality, as my boyfriend bought it at the dollar store, and two: it was too small sized and wouldn't give off enough scent. I was wrong on both accounts. I learned, when it comes to candles, one should never assume ANYTHING. It's all in the authenticity of the fragrance and the potency of the throw. Brand, size, where you bought it... it really doesn't matter.

Mike bought this candle for me at The Dollar Tree. He bought me another one too, but THAT one was pretty much what I expected I would get from a dollar store. I was pleasantly surprised by Pillsbury's pleasant, simple & sweet Blueberry fragrance on cold sniff. It wasn't super powerful, nor complicated. I didn't pick up any bakery notes. What it smelled like was Blueberry Muffin, one of my vintage (80's) Strawberry Shortcake dolls. I always thought she was one of the best smelling ones, so I was thrilled to find a candle that smelled like she did.

As you can see from the packaging, the presentation was very nice. It came in a cute little cardboard box, easy to recycle. The candle itself is a pretty medium blue shade, very appropriate for it's name. Upon first lighting, I tried it in my living room and I could smell it within a 10 foot radius, but I couldn't pick up any bakery notes. Though expected, it was disappointing because the overall fragrance was lovely.  When lit, it becomes stronger and some of the more subtle bakery notes come out. I didn't detect vanilla or any spices you might add to a pie, which was fine with me because they might have taken over this little guy, like spice notes tend to do. 

 Because the throw was somewhat faint, I wasn't sure how well it would perform in my bedroom. It took about half hour for the wax to start pooling, then it filled up my bedroom perfectly. It wasn't strong enough to carry out into the hallway, but I could smell it just fine, even without the door closed. I definitely recommend this candle for smaller rooms, closets, bathrooms etc. The throw's exceptional for the size of the candle. I've lit it three times now and there is still another two or three goes left. Pillsbury said it would burn for 10 hours, which seems like a great deal for a 1$ candle. Though the wax pools fast, the candle itself burned nice, slow and even. 

I will be sad when I reach the end of it's candle-life, but I can order a 12 pack from the Dollar Tree website, if I can't find anymore singles on my next trip. I might do that because I enjoyed this scent immensely. I didn't think I'd like smelling Blueberry as much as I apparently do. It makes me happy and I look forward to finding other candles with Blueberry notes in the future. 

-Fragrance:    9/10  (not enough pie notes detected)
-Throw:          5/10  (medium room)   8/10  (smaller room)
-Overall:         B     (medium room)     B+   (smaller room)

Until Next Time,

The Candle Queen <3

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